Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pictures that make me happy...

When I was home visiting I raided some of my mom's pictures and did a whole bunch of scanning. I could have made several trips to that little hub of scanners, but with Adam & Casey's help we knocked out more than $50 worth of pics in half an hour or so. Then I had to buy them A & W in payment for their time & help. (They really were a HUGE help too, soooo worth it!)

This is of my maternal grandparents... from the left, my Nana & Papa & two of their very good friends. It is taken before my mom was born so probably 1944 or 1945. Casey said this is one of the coolest pictures he had ever seen... very Rat Pack like.

These were taken at the same time, 1965... My dad's senior picture & my mom's junior. Not much of *smile* on either of their faces, but it brings one to mine.

This not only brings me a big smile, but a lump in my throat too. Cameron would have been about 18 months or so. What a sweetie he was.... still is. And his smile is the same now as it was then.

Not only a smile for this one, but a big laugh too! Rest assured the kid did learn to dress herself, and very well too. My life was NEVER dull!

Casey was one of the kids that woke up happy and smiling. Thank God! What a cutie!

Have to remind myself that this sweet girl has 3 sweet (most of the time ☺) girls of her own.

And then there is this picture.... I laughed for 5 minutes when I saw it! Poor Cameron. He is 2 1/2 and has just met his baby sister for the first time. Up until now he was pretty excited. But as you can tell by the WTF look on his face, he has done a 180!




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