Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time for balloons

Some posts by a high school friend, who now lives in New Mexico, reminded me of another fun festival, of thousands, that happen every fall. The
is going on right now thru October 10th.

On a beautiful evening a few weeks ago we heard the strangest noise that made Adam & I both stop in our tracks. And then at about the same time we figured it out. Turns out, it was NOT the fire breathing dragon that was my first instinct. Don't judge. It was a couple of hot air balloons that were using the park as a landing spot.

I don't like balloons. At least not the birthday party variety, unless someone is sucking in the helium and talking in funny voices. But I love the hot air variety, and some day I'll get to ride in one!

The hot air balloons are one more thing about fall that is beautiful. If you look around Columbia these days you're bound to see 1 or 2 yourself!

Yum! Goldfish balloon.




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