Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making memories....

Gabi & Maggie were here this weekend. It's been a long time since we had them for a weekend and I had really looked forward to them being here. I usually only have Gabi, but really wanted to have them both. Wonder when I'll get brave enough to have them all again. *smile* I like to have them one at a time so they get lots of one-on-one attention.
First thing is ALWAYS to go to the 'secret attic' and get the toys and art supplies. This was probably 1/2 hour after we made it through the door! Tea party and art projects reign supreme on Nana & Adam weekend. It's not unusual for poor Adam to be having a tea party minutes after waking up! He's such a great sport.

It amazes me that this long legged creature is linked to me by our genes. Of course her mommy was exactly the same.

Cupcakes were on the list of things we wanted to do. Gabi was too busy at the moment to help, but Maggie very patiently took the liners apart and took it all very seriously. She was too cute!

Very proud little cupcake girl!

Now she was NOT too busy to eat cupcakes!

You might think that we watch 'The Great Pumpkin" because it's that time of year, and you would be right. But of all the movies we have THIS movie gets watched every visit. It could be worse!

The pumpkin patch was such a fun part of our time together. They ran and fed animals (tried to anyway, after being fed nonstop they weren't too hungry)

They tried to talk us (briefly) into a ginormous pumpkin. And I have to admit, when I pictured their mommy & daddy's faces I almost thought it would be worth hauling it to the truck. But then I thought better of it.

We did a little hay riding. It was pretty perfect!

Adam gave them a little outside project. We needed to get the tomato and pepper plants pulled up, so he had them pick 'all the tomatoes and peppers that are left on the plants'. Neither one of us thought there was much left. Never underestimate a 5 year old & a 2 year old with a goal...

THIS is what they found! This will be turned into green tomato salsa... stay tuned.

Dinner, bath, movies & sleeping slumber party style on the living room floor and couches. Then pancakes & we are ready to be outside again. It always so sweet to watch our Gabi being such a good big sister. She is forever taking care of her and making sure she can keep up.

And they are off and running! Does my heart good.

Now this makes my heart ache.... how many times did I watch their mommy run towards the fun. So the goal is to watch them run, and help them have as much fun as possible. And I guess make as many memories as we can hold in the process!




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