Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 is over already??

At this moment I'm sitting on the couch with Adam & Annie flipping back and forth between Fiesta Bowl & The Winter Classic. I'm also sitting here wondering what the hell happened to 2010! No, really. Where did it go?

The fact that it's all a blur is one of the biggest reasons I starting this blog. I wanted use it as a journal of sorts And my 1st New Year resolution has to do with blogging. The goal is to write here on a much more consistent basis. No more big gaps. If it's something that I want to remember, I will write about it.

The 2nd of my resolutions is mostly just to do some self improvement. I plan on taking some classes. Both for work, and a photography class or 2. Oh and of course a little weight loss & being more healthy in general. There will be no craziness like giving up caffeine but I'm going to start cutting out a lot of sugar.

Here's a toast to the future. A toast to the past. And a toast to our friends, far & near. May the future be pleasant, the past a bright dream. May our friends remain faithful & dear!

Happy 2011!




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