Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have them all over the place. There are multiple notebooks & several on my phone. I even still have old planners that detail who had to be where & when. Those exhaust me to look at!
I've been making them since I was a kid.... homework notebooks, packing lists, journals & Christmas lists. Even further back were the "chore charts" & stickers. I'm pretty sure they were all an excuse to have pretty notebooks and even more important, an awesome pen. I can do some serious damage in Office Depot or a stationary store!
Not to mention, it's a great rush crossing something off a To Do List, no matter how small.
I haven't had a planner since 2007 & realized recently that I really miss it. It all goes into my phone or outlook to be synced, but I love paper & pens (obsession ??) and I think that writing something out helps me remember it. And I can always use help with that! So off I go to order a refill for my trusty Franklin Planner! She's been with me for many years & many events. Time to get reacquainted



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  1. Kindred spirits! I make lists of lists! We just watched a movie last night that was cracking me up about list making & how fun it is to cross something off. Chaos Theory w/Ryan Reynolds...hadn't heard of it until Netflix, cute story!