Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a girl!

I made a very exciting drive west last week to St Luke's in Lee's Summit. My younger daughter had an ultrasound to see what she is having. We have been joking since a full moon or 2 ago that it might be a werewolf for all we knew! When I 1st found out she was going to have a baby, blue filled my brain. We already have 3 little girls. We NEED a boy right? But at the beginning of December I started dream of pink & black toile & I just knew.

My brain also started wandering... back 23 years, almost to the day! This picture was taken at Danee's baby shower in January of 1988. I was barely 21 & 1 month from delivery. Good lord, I didn't cut my hair the whole time I was pregnant! OK, I TRIMMED it, but that's it. Jeez, Courtney looks all kinds of pissed off at someone doesn't she?? She even got presents that night.

A year or so later and she was such a cutie!

Unless of course Courtney got in the way of the Christmas kitchen. Knock down drag out.

This is the PERFECT example of how this blog got it's name. One minute they are pulling each other's hair over a plastic kitchen & I blinked, opened my eyes and this is what I see. The sweet, happy little girl is about to be a mommy. It tears my heart out. It makes me mourn for the days when all she wanted was me.... *deep breath*

Here is the first glances of this little person that will bring her mama unbelievable happiness at times, and cause her to question her sanity at others.

The tech asked us right before she made the big announcement what we thought 'it' was. Everyone said 'girl'. We qualified it a little more by saying that we were kinda HOPING for a boy, but thought it was a girl. A few seconds later and here SHE is! And we are all as happy as can be.

Can I tell you that I am a very lucky mom? I am always very thankful that my daughters share so much of their lives with me. Well, mostly. My kids tend to tell me everything. I was present at the birth of my 1st 3 granddaughters. I will not be there for this one... and that is MORE than cool with me.




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