Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas rewind

Let's go back a little bit.... Christmas

This is what driving looked like on Christmas Eve. We waited until about 3 to make the call whether we would leave that day or early Christmas morning. Packed the car in a rush and off we went. We took my car.... front wheel drive & I have a little more snow experience.

Christmas was great. Whenever you have babies, it's bound to be fun. I love this picture. Miss Gabi sitting on her Nene's lap. The day didn't go exactly as I thought it would, but I'm adaptable. I think our holidays are going to be changing in the next year...

Gabi loves my camera as much as I do, and shanghaied it to take her own Christmas pictures.

Danee's EJ joined us and I was really glad he did.

Ray, Courtney & Gracie. Ray is not far from his thermos of coffee at any time!

He fits in pretty well. Poor guy!

Gabriella Danielle is such a ham!

So is Maggie of course.

Gracie got a bit overwhelmed. That many people = to much going on for the almost 2 year old!

This is what I mean by overwhelmed. Maggie had reached her limit of sugar, and toys & just lost it. 2 year olds should not have to do 3 Christmas' in 2 days!




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