Thursday, January 20, 2011

#snOMGeddon 2011

We got a little bit of snow here in CoMo. Ok, depending on who you listen to it's about 9 inches this time. It has been dubbed #snOMGeddon on Twitter. I don't know who came up with it, but I love it! But the snow itself, I'm still not a fan! In fact because of it I had a pissed off morning...

January 19th 5:15pm

6:00pm Not a big difference yet.

7:40- Ok, it's starting to come down pretty good now.

7:20am- Those little flakes have been busy!

My drive to work was easy with 2 exceptions- my subdivision road & the road right in front of the office. When I got to work, the lot had not been cleared with the exception of a couple little strips & I parked in one of them, turned of my car & was texting Adam to let him know I had made it. Then I heard it. One of the guys says "You're not really going to park there are you?" Pretty sure he didn't realize I had heard him. I quickly changed that when I threw open my door and shot back "Where do you WANT me to park?!" I moved, trudged through the snow and made my own path on the sidewalk.
I did a bit of venting on Twitter and proceeded to have a pretty good day. Until....

I left for the day and the wonderful plow guys had left a nice snow berm for me. Pretty sure they have no idea I write their checks... LOL

When I got home getting up the driveway was a little tough. So I started the shoveling. I had only been at it a few minutes when my awesome neighbors came out and we had it done in no time at all! We will be taking them to dinner soon for sure!

Thanks for sharing my really strange #snOMGeddon day. :o)




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