Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miss America

There are annual events I've looked forward to for most of my life. The Wizard of Oz (pre VHS, DVD or On Demand). The Oscars. I'm a sucker for the red carpet the beautiful dresses & acceptance speeches.

And then there is Miss America.

When I moved to Missouri I found 2 kindred spirits. Kelly & Darla were also MA addicts, and so it began. Every year we watch together. Now together at times this meant in different cities, as was the case this year, but defiantly together. A constant stream of texts & a couple of conference calls. We haven't been split up since, I believe, since 2004. Makes it harder but not impossible. Over time our daughters, daughters in law, and this year, granddaughters are added.

Oh, and we don't just watch, we compete. No, we don't wear dresses, bathing suits or have talent contests in the living room. We choose our contestants and cheer her on, trash talk each other, critique those dresses, hair, bathing suits, shoes, talent & answers to the horrible on the spot question. It gets nasty.

Rules: You make a blind pick prior to the start of the show. This has become much harder in the last few years. The call of the web site is strong. If your blind pick does not make the first "cut" then you can choose one more time from the girls that are left. This may not work much longer though. What started out as the 3 of us has turned into quite a crowd!

Then its on! And this is what you take home if the girl of your choice takes home the crown.....

This is Darla's stand... mine is black & Kelly's is green.
Are you cracking up yet??

After blind picks were done, the girls went online to check out their picks.

The little girls are not usually included. My girls couldn't wait until they were "old enough" to come along! If only I used my power for good, I could teach them so many wonderful things.

Danee & Jamie. Jamie one of Danee's bestest friends & has been coming since 2007. That's the year we had to have it in a bar. Yep your heard me. The Adobe Cafe' in Springfield was our spot. Springfield had an ice storm and as the pageant was on a weeknight that year (jeez) we had to improvise.

Even Adam sat with us for a while. Pretty sure he thinks we are full on nuts!

Gabi's choice was Miss New York.

This year we finished in a way that's only happened one other time. Nobody won. But we still had lots of fun, some great food, and the tradition was passed to another generation. :o)



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