Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

We had been hearing the ominous weather reports for several days. My first thoughts when they mentioned 13 to 15 inches was that, once again, we would probably dodge the worst of it and we were worrying about it for nothing. Granted, it has been 5 years since the last really big snow, but come on, it's been snowing all winter! People started hitting the stores and clearing off the shelves. I'll admit it, I watched and thought they were all crazy. But we did get a few things "just in case".
The "names" for this storm were everywhere. Snownami, snowmageddon, noMOsnow, but my fave is the name they used on Foursquare- comosnowpocalypse.
Then the governor had to get in on the act & declare a state of emergency for Missouri-

"Most of Missouri is expected to be affected by this severe winter storm, which is predicted to cause treacherous road conditions and possibly widespread power outages," Gov. Nixon said. "My chief concern is the safety of Missourians, and these orders make state agency resources and the Citizen-Soldiers of the Missouri National Guard available to help communities respond. As state emergency officials continued to track the storm over the weekend, we worked closely with local agencies and faith and community groups to ensure that Missouri is as prepared as possible."

OK, maybe there's something to this blizzard thing.

So we all made plans regarding work and how we would just stay home Tuesday & Wednesday. Adam brought his whole computer from work to be able to get stuff done. It froze rain off & on all of Monday. At 4 we gave up and headed home. When I went to bed Monday night I expected there to be a good start to all this snow we were supposed to get. First thing in the morning we peeked out the bedroom window..... nothing. The only way I can tell you how I felt was, well disappointed. Weird huh? I know, I HATE snow. But I wanted to be in a blizzard, sue me. But there wasn't much time for disappointment....about 7:45 here it came.


By 11am it was COMING DOWN

Noon- BIG difference

1:30 pm

2:45- Coming down really hard again


8am Wednesday February 2nd. Best news of the morning? The groundhog didn't see his shadow, so spring is coming.... someday.

Annie has had a really hard time going outside. She is fine to run around and play in the snow, but all this was freaking her out!

Time to start digging out! The driveway is under there somewhere.

First pass

Gives new meaning to "home office"

Overall I loved being snowed in. If my Twitter feed was any indication, I'm pretty much alone in that, and I NEVER would have believed it myself.
There was quite a bit of excitement for some of my family during all this.... story to come.




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