Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby party!

What a fun day Sunday was. We had a little party for precious little girl that's going to be coming our way in about 1 1/2 months.... give or take. I'm still hoping for April 4th, for obvious numerical reasons. *smile*

This is the bedding the she settled on. I've got it ordered and it should be perfect!
Where I got it...
So to go along with the super cute bedroom set I had to grab some accessories. Well, I did!

These 2 absolutely crack me up. They just love each other so much, always looking out for the other.

Danee's friend Katie made these adorable little footprints. She is turning into quite the little cake decorator.

Poor Maggie. Almost everything that was opened she said "That's so cute! Is that for your baby Nee Nee?" I made the mistake of giving her a present BEFORE the shower, when I should have saved it for during.

So many cute gifts.

I have been talking for quite a while about the "5 babies" that are coming into my life. Kasey is due in May and her little man is #5.

Rachel & her little man Andy.

Gracie & Courtney

Gabi & Annabel. These 2 haven't seen each other since they were 1, but acted like they have been the best of friends forever.

This was, hands down, the favorite gift. "Rucas" is Dan's friend Lucas and he has been around almost as long as I can remember!

This is a bitter sweet picture. I have this pose in many many venues at all different ages. Katie, Rachel & Danee the 3 amigos.... + 2 babies.




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