Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A new adventure

So I have really enjoyed the whole blogging "thing". I go back and read things and love that I can remember them... sometimes with pictures even. What never occurred to me, and has turned into a great big bonus, is that I would get so much more out of writing. I've connected with a group of women that are smart, very diverse and just plain fun to be around.
And this leads me to a fun new adventure I'm going to take. I've decided to attend BlogHer '11.
Kate from The Guavalicious Life had so many great stories and such a good time last year, how could I resist?
My first thought was that I really needed to write this blog for a while longer before I would "belong" there, but I'm assured that all bloggers will take a way a wealth of new information and friends, soooo..... it's off to San Diego in August with some great CoMo Blogger friends.


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