Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby boy #3

Back in January (seems like a lifetime ago) I posted this  about all the babies coming into my life. On Sunday I attended a shower for the baby that I'll call "Baby Boy #3". His mommy & daddy haven't picked a name yet, so what are my choices?  These girls and their problems picking a name. They both got Baby Name Books and that's about the same as putting a 4 year old in a closet full of cute clothes & telling her to pick an outfit!

So Danee looks ready to POP. Today is 4.4.11, the day I was hoping our little princess would come. Guess I can wait till 4.11.11??  :o)  Kasey is due at the end of May.

Again, the super cute cakes were made by their friend Katie. It was close to 90 degrees in the church where we were so the cakes got a little melty. But still delish! 

I had monkey cake since I didn't want blue lips. Chocolate with caramel frosting. Oh yeah, it was yummy! 

This is "The 6". This little party crew is little by little becoming mommies, mortgage holders & *gasp* responsible. Funny how that works. 



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