Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have no excuse for not writing other than I am tired to my bones. But it's been so worth it. 

I got a phone call Tuesday morning at 4:55 am that Danee was having contractions, and had been since Monday morning. Nothing big, just consistent. Her regular doctor's appointment was at 9 that morning so she wondered if I thought she should just wait it out until then. That's exactly what she did. But unfortunately, after all those hours she wasn't far enough along to go to the hospital. 

Little did we know that we still had a really long wait ahead of us. Danee decided a long time ago that she only wanted EJ in for delivery (I was GOOD with that), so late in the afternoon we headed to the waiting room to give her space. 

Our wait started with Casey, Jamie & I.

Then we added Kasey & Nate

Then even more

All of us looking at this door every time it opened. And it opened A LOT! 

After no progress and complete exhaustion they decided a C-Section was where they needed to head. Daddy showing off his cool duds and giving us an update.

Miss Myla- meet your Mommy

This is a happy Mommy & Daddy.

Good thing they have big rooms here. 14 of us. I think the nurse thought we were crazy.

Nate is going to have his own little one in about 6 weeks or so. He's baby #5's daddy. :o)

I'm a happy Nana

So tired, but so happy.

So here she is. Myla Marie. In the blink of an eye Danee went from being this baby to having this baby to love. I don't think she would believe me if I told her how fast it goes.


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