Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Movie marathons

I love movies. So many great memories are tied to certain movies.... some bad ones too. They are like songs in a lot of ways. What was going on in my life when I saw it, who was I with. 
For example- the first night I was in labor with Danee I watched Dirty Dancing  over & over- VHS of course. 

Going to the theater is really the first thing that Adam & I did together. I used to save every ticket (yes, I'm corny like that) but somewhere along the way I stopped doing that. Still have a lot of them in a 'treasure box'. 

We have had a fun winter tradition of sorts for the last few years- a weekend long movie marathon. Before outside fun dominates, it's the perfect way to spend the weekend. Jammies, movies, pizza & pina coladas. Sounds like fun right? It is!

Here's some of the favorites

Lord of the Rings trilogy is a great way to spend the weekend.

The Harry Potter series will be complete soon.

Star Wars is still our all time favorite! 




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