Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter recap

So I got 2 of the 3 Reece's pieces last weekend. We usually run 90 miles an hour when they're here in the spring & summer, trying to squeeze as many things into the weekend as we can.

Saturday morning starts with breakfast....

And then we're off! First to the grocery store. 

We had to dye eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide. 

Gabi & Adam planted some tomatoes & peppers. It got the garden started anyway! 

"Easter" morning. They got very little candy (of course some) but I'm thinking I'm taking dibs on the weekend after EVERY holiday. I got great deals!

Ironically, I found a missed egg in this plant this weekend when I watered. I used to be better at keeping track of where they were hidden!  

We had a great time. Who doesn't love a sucker for breakfast?!

My front porch is a masterpiece now!

I think they had a good time, don't you?




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