Monday, May 30, 2011

Good weekend

We've had a really good weekend. 

Friday we had a wonderful dinner with great friends. I had hoped for a patio night, but the weather didn't cooperate with that plan. That's fine. I mean what's better than a great meal with people you really care about? 

Saturday we hopped in the truck & headed west. Danee, her friend Jamie, Myla & I had a date to see the Princess Di exhibit. First try didn't work out so we were off to try again. (2nd attempt was a fail too) Adam had a date with a crib & some tools. :o)

Oh, and Danee gave me the Mother's Day gift the kids all did. Cam, of course was late getting his picture, but that made it such a great surprise! 

We had an evening wedding so off we went. More of that this week.

My thoughts have been with Courtney all weekend. 

This picture was posted on the USAF Basic Military Training page. Getting this glimpse of her as she was processed in is a gift. I will ALWAYS remember that the military person is not the only one to sacrifice. It's the whole family. I'm grateful & very humbled by all of their sacrifices.

Happy Memorial Day!

They gave up their today so we would have tomorrow




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