Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting down to what matters

 Joplin Missouri. I used to drive from Springfield with my mother-in-law to have lunch or do a little shopping there.  My kids have an aunt & uncle that still live there. (Aunt Sharon & Uncle Dan are accounted for and uninjured.) It's not a place that I know well, just a nice little Missouri town. But now, most if it is gone. In just a few minutes.  

When things like this happen it makes you take stock, I think. Are those shoes really that important? How about all the other "stuff"? Don't get me wrong- I like stuff. But I like my family & friends a whole lot more.

So I needed to write this, to remember how much you can lose and still have so much. To remember that a show that is only 1/2 DVR'd does not a tragedy make. Sorry, someone actually Tweeted that on Sunday night so I had to include that in the memory of this. Yes, they knew about the tornado, they are from CoMo. Nuff said.

We got a storm on Sunday too. It was pretty bad. Cameron is young & bullet proof so kept driving until he thankfully made it home to St Charles from KC. And met up with a couple sets of storm chasers. That's usually a clue that weather is not that great. But all is well. Nothing is damaged.

But Joplin? The structures of the town are gone. But I have no doubt when the people catch their breath and get some supplies they'll clean up and rebuild.

I know that TONS of people will be writing about this tragedy. People with information far more relevant or important. But my purpose is personal, even a little selfish maybe?

Wow. I really don't have anything else. Just wow.
via AP photographer Mike Gullett

This photo keeps sticking in my mind
via KSPR Springfield

This says it all. This baby is important. The house, not so much.
via the

Look at their faces. I could bawl just looking at them.
via USA Today

I needed to write this down today. To record it, to remember it. As I write, at this moment there are 116 confirmed casualties. I'm sure there will be many more. But several were found alive today as well & I hope that that number will go up also.

Remember what is important. You kids, your spouses, loved ones and yes, our pet-children. Tell them you love them.




  1. That last picture really got to me too. Just a reminder that the small and simple things are what is important in life.

  2. So, so true! We all take so much for granted! Thanks for this post!