Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm here, really

So, I'm thinking some serious vitamins are in my future. Yes, things have been busier than what's normal for me. But jeez I'm wiped. And there's the little thing like I'm forgetting things, a lot. I did this when I was pregnant & chalked it up to pregnant brain, but this? Hmmmm... guess time will tell right?

I have several things to write about, if nothing else so that I can remember them. I'll do better again.  ☺  It's 7 & Annie wouldn't let me sleep, so I thought I'd start by catching up on some reading.

We are doing a 5K this morning. I was going to run it, I really was but I stopped running on any regular basis and there went that. Then we head west to see Adam's mom & have linner (yes linner) with Danee, Casey, Myla & EJ for "Mother's Day". Beggers can't be choosers right & I'm not really the demanding kind of mom anyway, so I'll take it for sure.  

So my question of the morning to myself is, 
"Why did I not see this in time to go HERE!"

Maybe next year?

Have a great Saturday!




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