Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All Aboard!!

Saturday night we had a little change of  pace. A break from the normal date night spots to eat out. Ok, we eat out quite a bit. We average a couple times a week and we mix it up a little here and there but I have my faves and so does Adam. So we decided to ride the Columbia Star Dinner Train  After hearing about it for a while, and a plea last week that they needed riders, we figured if we wanted to be sure to have the experience we'd better get on it.

It's not an inexpensive date night, let me say that right now. But if you do dinner a concert or a show you're in the same ballpark.  

I wanted to love it. A lot. The food was good, but reminded me of banquet food to be perfectly honest. I find myself not wanting to be honest. Drinks were pretty high and at one point they sang Happy Birthday to someone and then brought around a tray of shots (seemed odd with the crowd that was aboard) encouraging anyone who had a birthday to take one. Then come to find out the shots were $5 each. They also made an announcement (twice) that gratuity was not included in the ticket price so not to forget to add that onto your meal and bar tab. 

I'm really glad we went and did have a great time. But it's a one time experience for us.

I do wish them many years of serving meals up and down the tracks.

The views are really peaceful & pretty

Tonya & Dave

The couple over Adam's shoulder were very "affectionate". VERY

A fun night with good friends


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