Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet Homecoming

She's home at last. Sunday we had a great little "party" for her. I say WE like I had much to do with it. Although it was a bit of a struggle, Danee put together a great welcome home for her sister. Even that day it seemed like it was being sabotaged & I mean that more literally than figuratively. We'll just leave it at that and say that she worked really hard. Family & friends both were there & my social butterfly really shined. She kinda likes the spotlight. 

One of the very sweet things that Danee had for her.

It was the first time Aunt Courtney met Myla. Dan went into labor the day Courtney flew out & she wasn't born until the next night. The last text I got from her on her way to basic was from the Dallas airport asking if she had a niece. Her response when I told her no was "Well crap!" 
Myla Marie wasn't really feeling good.

I'm going on the record and saying that I DID NOT buy the ring pops. Of course little girls love them but the man that bought them didn't do a whole lot of taking care of kids cracked out on sugar. Not naming names or anything. 'Nuff said? 

I wasn't there when it happened but Myla laughed for the first time for her Aunt Courtney. She was kinda jazzed.

Gracie is pretty happy to have the Mama home.

These 2 have been through a tough last 3 months.




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