Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keep it classy San Diego

I have some serious love for San Diego. It's been a long time since I was there & it reached All Star status for me this week. 
It's no secret that Columbia has been seeing record high temps. Ironically 6 months, almost to the day. that we were experiencing THE BLIZZARD  we had a real temp of 108 not counting the heat index. I love hot weather, but 108 pushed even my limits. So when I stepped off the plane in Cali & it was 30 degrees cooler than when I got on, well I did a little happy dance.
We were there for BlogHer 2011. To learn & network & party. But as usual I would have been just has happy to walk from one end to the other & take pictures. So many fun things to see & do. I didn't do any of the tourist things, but that's just as well. I'm hoping Adam can be convinced, in a moment of weakness, to go out on vacation.
I went with some fabulous bloggers & friends. Christa , Jessica , Jen , Kate & a new friend Claire. I mentioned at some point during the weekend that we all so different. Our family lives, our beliefs, our blogs, but it works. 
Since I'm still doing laundry & that's really not like me, you'll have to take my word for it that I'm tired. And sore, but I'll get to that!   

San Diego has such beautiful buildings & architecture 

These are actually taken from the cab

At the Hilton

The parties were at some amazing venues. 

So, I'm sore because I had the opportunity to work out with Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser fame. Although I joked on Twitter beforehand that I hoped he didn't make me cry, I really thought it would be a light workout. Not. Even. Close. I'm still really sore today after 3 days. My quads were on fire & getting down stairs has been a challenge, which is unfortunate since I'm up & down them a lot. Sometimes I forget that I'm not 25 & don't bounce back like I used to. *sigh*  After the workout he had a great Q & A session with breakfast. 

It was a great spot to work out!

He's a very motivational guy. I enjoyed listening to him.

This is the view from Christa & Jessica's room. How much does this not suck. 

My alter ego, Pool Girl, LOVED being out here. I went out Thursday for a while then Christa & I went out again on Saturday afternoon.  

Seriously heaven for me. I may have to buy a palm tree & find a place for it.

There are more pictures to share. Also a couple more friends to introduce you to, but it's time for me to hang out with Adam & Annie. I missed them.... it's just too bad we don't have a pool.



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