Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mischief managed

I have a hard times letting things go. No, it's true. I put off seeing the final Harry Potter movie as long as I could. Then Adam took over & started making plans to go. I did get one reprieve when it was super packed & we decided (correctly) to pass on a Sunday afternoon. If I don't see it, it's not over right? Sorry, but it's seems  perfectly logical to me. 

Harry & I have had a long relationship. When the books were released in the US Courtney was already on the list and brought home The Sorcerer's Stone. She had always thought she wanted to go to boarding school, (she really did!) and they sucked her in with the first few chapters. Then I stole it to have something to read when Danee was at basketball practice & the rest is history. I started reading them to Casey too. When he spent a year in & out of the hospital we got him got a CD walkman (remember those?) and Harry, Ron & Hermione kept him occupied & entertained.

So it kind of felt like saying good-bye to some friends. But friends that I'll visit during weekend movie marathons. And reading the books over & over & over. It will sure be fun to see if the girls love them too.


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