Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not the best week ever

That is really one ginormous understatement. I'll go into what's been going on at some point but right now I'm just hoping to get through it without losing my grip. I've gone back & forth between anger, disbelief, frustration & emotions that I can't even identify. 

Sooooo, I'll talk about the fun weekend we had with the 16 pound 12oz moose that is Myla Marie. What a happy baby she is. Then again what does she have to be upset about! 

Adam, once again, has to be the best sport EVER! Friday was his birthday, but off we go to meet Danee to pick up our playmate for the weekend. 

Annie was so funny with her. She spent all her time either guarding her or trying to keep me away from her. A little jealous maybe?

Camera would come out & Annie gets herself in between.

Guard dog on duty


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