Monday, August 29, 2011

....I think I'll move to Australia

Thought I hit Publish last night... hmmmm guess not! 

So I've eluded to the fact that my week was a nightmare. I can't go into specifics but let's just say I've been interviewed by the police & learned more than I ever hoped to know about check forgery, fraud & all the nastiness that goes along with dealing with & then cleaning up a mess like that. My faith in people is a little shakier & I realized I'm maybe too trusting. But after a conversation with someone who apparently lives with the philosophy that no one can be trusted until they prove otherwise I know I can't live like that. I don't want to. In fact, as crazy as it is, I'll admit to wondering how bad things had to be for someone to get to the point where that is an option.

Of course, in his normal problem solver way, poor Adam just wants to make me smile or laugh or at the very least, less bitchy. 

Anyway, Monday begins a new week & each day will get a little better. I'll be a little closer to normal by Friday. Yeah, I know, we've already established normal is an illusion. But can I keep that illusion, please?

So all week I've been thinking about this book .  A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet 2 very fabulous women. They are both from Australia. I thought about just recording their voices so I could listen to it over & over.  Oh come on, you know exactly what I mean, you like the accent too. So maybe instead of MOVING to Australia I could just go visit Chantelle or maybe Sarah or both. You should really pop over & read them. They're pretty great.

I did get an adventure Saturday night so I'll post that tomorrow.

I'm off to do my nails. Starting the week off with good nails can't hurt, right?


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